UX Design Services

Designing digital products starts with a deep understanding of your audience and their needs.


Designing successful digital products starts with a deep understanding of both your audience and their needs. Here's how we do it.

HEURistic evaluation

Using our predefined checklist of usability heuristics, we will provide you with a structured, objective evaluation of your digital product.

UI Audit

By auditing your digital product’s user interface (UI), we gauge its consistency and identify which aspects should be improved to provide you with a more cohesive product.

analytics reviews

By examining your digital product’s current usage, insights into what is and isn’t working can be gained. We then feed these insights into future design iterations to improve the user experience.

user personas

We will help you craft relevant personas to provide you with a reference point to evaluate design decisions. This ensures you are creating a product that caters for the behaviors and needs of your target audience.


Ensure your digital products are easily navigable, searchable and frictionless through intuitive content grouping, site mapping and user flows. Here's how we do it.

user journeys

We will help you identify key user needs/tasks and design journeys through the user experience, we can ensure your digital application is more relevant, rewarding and usable for your customers.

content mapping

Mapping the structure of your site/content in either a visual or tabular format helps you visualise and agree on where groups of information should logically sit within your product.

This is an important stage prior to embarking on wireframes and prototyping.


Memorable digital experiences are built around well-structured, usable interfaces and thoughtfully designed user interactions.

Wireframing and prototyping are a key part of interaction design to ensure you get concepts right early enough in the process. This minimises design flaws, encourages valuable user feedback and saves overall development time.


A wireframe is (usually) a grayscale mock-up of the structure of a web page or app screen. They illustrate the types of information present, hierarchy and the intended functionality.

UI design & libraries

Whether you have a single product or many, creating a consistent library of design patterns (or components) enables your company’s offering to be more consistent and scalable with each release.

We approach each project from a component point-of-view by default, so whether you just need wireframes or high-fidelity designs, we provide you with a re-usable library of components.


Rapid prototyping involves the creation of a basic model or early release of a product to validate a design or concept.

We create prototypes at various levels of fidelity to satisfy different needs and audiences.